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Komatsu Standard Tip PC60 Bucket Tooth and Adapter

For part no. 201-70-24140 Bucket Tooth for Komatsu PC60 excavator, we also have bucket adapter for PC60 excavator at the same time. Welcome to contact us to get more products!
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Komatsu PC60 Bucket Tip bucket teeth 201-70-24140, replacement tooth point 

bucket adapter and tooth pin, Komatsu GET Parts 

Part No.: 201-70-24140 
Bucket Teeth Type:  Standard Bucket Tooth 
Bucket Adapter:
Tooth Pin: 20X-70-00100
Compatible Brand:  Komatsu Excavator 
Production Process: Forging
Hardness: HRC48-52
Tensile: 1450MPA
Impact: ≥20J/cm2
Bucket Teeth Weight: 1.8kg
Offer customized Service:  Yes
Delivery detail: 3-5 days can deliver if in stock 

Komatsu Excavator PC60 Standard Tooth Tip detail   

Komatus PC60 Tooth point

gold forging bucket teeth production process

PC60 Excavator Standard Bucket Teeth Main Feature:   

  • Excavator parts for Komatsu PC60 Mini Excavator ( bucket tooth and adapters)
  • Application: Farms,Machinery Repairs Shop, Energy & Mining, Rent Service Company, Second Hand Machinery Store, Construction Works.
  • Good quality : Due to our strong professional technical team . Our engineered products ,quality materials, and carefully controlled manufacturing  processes guarantee reliability . 
  • Good service:  Rich experience to do OEM/ODM business .High efficiency work team,  no trouble and waiting during your entire projects, and  good after-sale service


Brand Machinery Type  Part No. Weight(kg) Pin&Retainer
Caterpillar J225 6Y3222RC 2.9 6Y3228/8E6259
Caterpillar J350 1U3352RC 7.5 8E6358/8E6359
J350 1U3352RC (LONG)
J400 7T3402RC 9.5 7T3408/8E8409
Caterpillar J400 7T3402TL
J450 9W8452TL 1U3452RC 13.5 8E0468/8E0468
J450 9W8452RC 1U3452TL
J550 9W8552TL 1U3552TL 17.5 6Y8558/8E5559
J550 9W8552RC 1U3552RC 20.5
Kobelco SK350 SK350RC 9.5 8E6358/8E6359
Kobelco SK350 SK350TL 8.3
Komatsu PC60 201-70-24140 1.8 20X-70-00100
PC60 201-70-24140RC 1.8
Komatsu PC60 Adapter PC60-20 2.5
PC100 20X-70-23161RC 2.6 203-70-74281
Komatsu PC100 Adapter 202-70-12140-25 3.3
PC200 205-70-19570 4.5 09244-02496
PC200 205-70-19570RC
PC200 205-70-19570 (LONG) 6.1
Komatsu PC200 205-70-19570TL 5.4
Komatsu PC200 Adapter 205-939-7120-40 7.3
PC300 207-70-14151RC 8.5 09244-02516
Komatsu PC300 207-70-14151TL 8.3
Komatsu PC300 Adapter 207-70-14151 12.5
PC400 208-70-14152RC 14 09244-03036
PC400 208-70-14152TL
12.4 09244-03036
PC400 208-70-14152RC(LONG)
16.3 09244-03036
Volvo V210/V290 14530544RC 7.5 2705-1020/2114-9008
Volvo VOLVO360/460 14536800/14537843TL 13.0 1454-0728/1455-0968
VOLVO480 14536800TL/14537843TL
VOLVO480 14536800RC/14537843RC
VOLVO360/460 14536800/14537843RC
15.6 1454-0728/1455-0968
DH130/DH150 2713-1221RC 3.9 2705-9014/2705-9015
Daewoo DH150 Adapter 2713-1221 5.6
DH220 2713-1217RC 5.5 2705-1020/2114-9008
DH220 2713-1217RC(LONG) 6.3
Daewoo DH220 Adapter 2713-1218-40 8.3
DH300 2713-1219RC 8.5 2705-9010/2114-1849
DH360/370 2713-0032TL 6.6 2705-1021/2114-1849
DH360/370 2713-0032RC 10.5 2705-1021/2114-1849
DH420/500 2713-1236RC 11.0 2114-1849/2114-1849
Sany SY65/ SY75 12076809
Sany SY55 12076675 1.8
EX-70/6 6Y3222 2.9 6Y3228/8E6259
Gold Forging accept brand name custom logo, need more detail, pls contact with us.

How to select correct bucket tooth for your excavator? see below methods   

Bobcat Bucket Teeth

Other Accessories   

Find below excavator bucket parts list to find what you needed.

digger bucket attachments

About Gold Forging 

As professional forged excavator bucket teeth manufacturer, Gold Forging insist on Quality First, Customer First, continuously introduce new machines to improve production efficiency, improve customer satisfaction with our company. 
We produce all kinds of ground engaging tools replacement parts for earthmoving, mining ,construction equipments, such as  Bucket tooth, tooth adapter...

Our factory located in Quanzhou city, near Xiamen port nearly 1 hour, and we have 3 complete production line in our factory, fast deliver time and large stock in our warehouse.

gold forging bucket teeth

Our Bucket teeth are designed for improved performance and wear life and are the ideal choice for all operators looking for quality and value, from the initial inspection of incoming material to the quality inspection of production completion, all is under our control.

gold forging

Current our factory has over different models bucket tooth to meet popular excavator brand in market, like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Daewoo/Doosan, Volvo and other brands.

At the same time, we have also developed a matching bucket adapter and tooth pin and retainer, which can better match the customer’s machines.

In the future, we will continue to develop new forged bucket teeth to fit more different models. At the same time, we are also developing bucket teeth for mini excavators.

Gold Forging welcome every customer to come for a visit and setting up win-win cooperation with our company.

Gold Forging - Your Reliable Partner!


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