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Komatsu PC300 Tiger Excavator Bucket Teeth For Engineering 207-70-14151TL

HXMD Forging bucket teeth provide better wear resistance,harder strength,enable customers to reduce downtime and maximize benefits
  • 207-70-14151TL

  • HXMD

  • HXMD

  • PC300

  • 207-70-14151TL

  • China

  • HRC48-52

  • Forging

  • Yes

  • Gray-Black or Customized

  • 5-7days candeliver if in stock

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Part No.: 207-70-14151TL
Bucket Teeth Type: Tiger Bucket Teeth
Compatible Brand: Komatsu Excavator
Production Process: Forging
Hardness: HRC48-52
Offer customized Service: Yes
Delivery detail: 5-7 days can deliver if in stock

Forging vs. Casting Bucket Teeth


Forging involves shaping metal under high temperatures through pressing or hammering. This process refines the grain structure within the part, making it denser and enhancing its overall performance. One of the key advantages of forged bucket teeth is their superior strength due to this grain refinement and continuous fiber flow. However, forging is not without its limitations; it's generally more suitable for simpler shapes due to its single shaping mode and higher mold costs compared to casting.


Casting, on the other hand, involves pouring molten metal into molds where it cools and solidifies into the desired shape. While casting allows for the creation of complex parts at a lower mold cost than forging, it tends to result in materials with lower strength due to potential porosity issues. Additionally, casting can have a significant environmental impact due to emissions during the production process.

Materials Used in Bucket Teeth

The choice of material for bucket teeth is critical as it directly influences their durability and effectiveness. High-strength steel alloys are commonly used due to their excellent wear resistance and toughness. These materials ensure that bucket teeth can withstand harsh working conditions without significant degradation.


How to choose the right bucket teeth for your excavator and how to install it? see below methods

1. Find your excavator brand and model

2. Find Part bucket teeth surface

3. In the case that options 1 and 2 do not work. Measure the dimensions of 3 positions a,b,c to the us for confirm. Tooth cavity size measurement parameters

kubota excavator bucket teeth

Direct installation:

refers to the vertical installation of the bucket tooth pin and the front of the excavator bucket tooth

Horizontal installation: refers to the installation of the bucket tooth pin parallel to the front of the excavator bucket tooth

case bucket teeth

Maintenance and Replacement Strategies for Bucket Teeth

Regular inspection and maintenance are vital for maximizing the lifespan of bucket teeth. Operators should look out for signs of wear or damage such as cracks or excessive blunting which can reduce digging efficiency. Developing a systematic replacement strategy is also crucial; this might involve rotating teeth positions to ensure even wear or replacing them once they reach a certain wear threshold.

In conclusion, understanding the differences between forging and casting processes used in manufacturing bucket teeth is essential for selecting the right components for specific applications. By considering factors such as material properties, design innovations, and effective maintenance strategies, operators can ensure optimal performance from their excavation equipment over time.

hitachi bucket teeth

1.Our company is an integration of industry and trade, and can provide high-quality products that are closest to the cost price.

2.All of our products are forging, Forged bucket teeth have good structure, high mechanical properties, more wear resistance and long service life.

3.Complete production process system, experienced workers to ensure high quality in the process.

4.More than half of our products are exported with good feedback and reputation.

5.Professional sales team at your service, online 24 hours a day.

6.The patient after-sales staff will quickly and professionally solve your problems.

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