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1U3552RC Forged Bucket Teeth

HXMD Forging bucket teeth provide better wear resistance,harder strength,enable customers to reduce downtime and maximize benefits
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In the demanding world of construction and mining, the performance and durability of equipment are paramount. Among these critical components, bucket teeth play an essential role, directly impacting the efficiency of excavation and earth-moving operations. Traditionally made through casting, bucket teeth have served their purpose but not without limitations. Recent advancements have led to the adoption of forging as the preferred manufacturing process, particularly for bucket teeth, due to its superior strength and durability. This evolution signifies a significant leap in the quality and performance of excavation machinery.

The Shortcomings of Cast Bucket Teeth

Traditionally, bucket teeth were produced using casting, a process where molten metal is poured into a mold and allowed to solidify. While effective for creating complex shapes, casting can result in variable material properties across the component. This inconsistency often leads to points of weakness, where wear and tear can quickly degrade the tooth's performance, particularly under the rigorous conditions of excavation and material handling.

Forging: A Superior Method for Bucket Teeth

The shift towards forging bucket teeth has addressed these shortcomings head-on. Forging, which involves shaping metal under high pressure and temperature, enhances the metal's structural integrity. This process aligns the grain structure of the metal, resulting in a bucket tooth that is inherently stronger and more resilient to the stresses of excavation work.

Alloy Steel Rock Forged Bucket Teeth

Engineers use excavators to construct engineering projects,for example highways, bridges, buildings, breeding ponds, underground engineering, emergency excavation, etc.

Invest in our high-quality bucket teeth today and experience the difference they can make to your excavator's performance. With our commitment to quality and reliability, you can trust that our bucket teeth will deliver the results you need, every time.

Benefits of using bucket teeth

✴Bucket wear protection, which protects the bucket edge from dust and stone impacts .

✴It can provide the operator with better edge sharpness and penetration to increase bucket loading capacity .

✴Excellent impact absorption when excavating rock beds or hard clay soils.

Chisel Precision Forged Bucket Teeth

Different application scenarios of bucket teeth

1、Earthmoving bucket teeth (for excavating soil, sand, gravel and other light working environments) Generally, earthmoving bucket teeth are matched with a bucket with a larger mouth area, which has a larger stacking surface, so it has a higher filling factor and saves operation time.

2、Rock bucket teeth (used for ore, quarry) for ore loading after blasting, etc., heavy-duty wear-resistant steel, better digging performance and more economical.

3、Tiger bucket teeth (used for mining of coal mines and geological mines) are mainly suitable for drilling rock formations with low hardness and have a large impact.

Mechanical Chisel Forged Bucket Teeth

Chisel Customized Forged Bucket Teeth

How to improve the service life of bucket teeth? Here are some suggestions from HXMD professional forging bucket teeth experts:

1. During the working process of the excavator, the teeth on both sides generally wear about 30% faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When the teeth on both sides wear much shorter than the teeth in the middle, you can put the Bucket teeth can continue to be used in exchange positions, which can reduce the number of repairs and indirectly increase the service life of bucket teeth.

2. Choosing the right bucket teeth and matching bucket heel is an important factor to increase your excavator's working life and stronger penetration, because suitable parts are the prerequisites for faster excavator working cycle and saving raw materials.

3. In the actual operation of the excavator, it is best to dig vertically when the bucket teeth are digging down, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.

4. Coating tungsten coating on bucket teeth and other accessories can reasonably and effectively reduce maintenance costs and reduce the efficiency of machinery and equipment.

Gold Forging Bucket teeth are designed for improved performance and wear life and are the ideal choice for all operators looking for quality and value, from the initial inspection of incoming material to the quality inspection of production completion, all is under our control.

We strictly keep according to quality control system of ISO, which allow us to make products that meet international standards.

Rock Doosan Digger Teeth manufacturer

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