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Maintenance of mini excavator bucket teeth
The bucket tooth is the terminal of the excavator's working device. In the process of mining, the bucket tooth is the working part with the largest load. It belongs to the consumable parts, especially in the stone construction environment, the bucket tooth wear speed is particularly fast. The use of
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Maintenance of excavator buckets ——bucket teeth are the focus
The bucket teeth of the excavator are the terminal equipment of the working equipment of the excavator. During the excavation process, the bucket teeth are the working components with heavy loads and belong to consumable parts.Especially in the earthwork construction environment, the bucket teeth we
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How to protect excavator bucket teeth
The bucket teeth of the excavator are assembled by the tooth tip and the tooth seat, which are the main working parts and vulnerable parts. Bucket teeth in the use of repeated strong impact, grinding, bending load, so in addition to the requirements of high strength, high hardness, excellent impact
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Types of excavator buckets and their applications
Earth bucket: also known as standard bucket, is the most commonly used bucket for excavators, and is generally used for light work environments such as clay excavation and sand, soil, and gravel loading. The bucket opening has a larger area and a larger stacking surface, so it has a higher filling f
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