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Wear Resistant Skid Steer Bucket Motor Grader Cutting Edge 7D1158

Excavator CUTTING EDGE are very important role in the bucket, it is used to protect the track link from wear and tear, Good Price + Good Quality =Gold Forging.
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Product: Bulldozer and Grader Blades and Cutting Edge and End Bits
Material: Carbon steel/Boron steel/Manganese steel 30MnB
Production Process: Heat Treatment/Machining
Color: Yellow or as customers' request
Finish: Smooth
Application: Bulldozers,/Graders,/Loaders/Shovel
Certification: ISO9001
Offer customized Service : Yes
Working conditions: Mining &Construction &Road &Agricuture &Earth moving


Introducing our high-quality bulldozer blades, designed to meet the demanding requirements of heavy-duty construction projects. Crafted with precision using boron or carbon steel, these blades undergo a meticulous heat treatment process, including quenching and tempering, to ensure exceptional performance.


Our bulldozer blades exhibit outstanding hardness and compressive strength, making them one of the most vital components for bulldozers. With their superior durability, these blades can withstand the toughest conditions, allowing for efficient and effective earthmoving operations.


Trust in the reliability and functionality of our bulldozer blades, as they are engineered to meet the highest industry standards. Invest in these essential accessories for your bulldozer, and experience enhanced productivity and longevity. Choose our bulldozer blades for unmatched performance and durability.


Bulldozer End Bits
Part number (right) Part number (left) Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Hole size Hole quantity
8E4193 8E4194 570 392 40 1" 7
3G8315 3G8316 531 293 30 7/8" 7
8E4197 8E4196 585 408 50 1" 7
3G8295 3G8296 402 221 25 5/8" 6
3G8297 3G8298 402 221 25 3/4" 6
3G8321 3G8322 415 245 25 5/8" 6
4T5407 4T5408 520 252 25 3/4" 4
4T3043 4T3044 289.5 203 19 5/8" 3
3G8319 3G8320 415 245 25 3/4" 6
8E4193 8E4194 600 400 35 1" 7
144-70-11260 144-70-11250 328 258 25 3/4" 5
17M-71-21940 17M-71-21930 698 387 40 1" 7
195-71-11183 195-71-11173 683 429 40 1" 7
175-71-22282 175-71-22272 540 315 40 7/8" 7
175-70-21136 175-70-21126 482 320 40 7/8" 7
150-70-21346 150-70-21356 435 254 30 3/4" 6
13F-Z27-1572 13F-Z27-1582 325 204 25 3/4" 5
PS: The models above are just for reference, we can't list all models here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Please feel to contact with us.


The applications of bulldozer blades are diverse and vital in various industries. From grading and leveling to material handling and snow removal, these blades enhance the efficiency and productivity of bulldozers. Additionally, their role in landscaping, earthmoving, and erosion control showcases their versatility and importance in construction and environmental projects. As technology continues to advance, bulldozer blades are likely to evolve further, providing even more efficient and precise operations in the future.



Wear Resistant Cutting Edge


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