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Tiger Digger Bucket Tooth DH360 2713-0032TL

HXMD Forging bucket teeth provide better wear resistance,harder strength,enable customers to reduce downtime and maximize benefits
  • HXMD

  • DH360

  • 2713-0032TL


  • HRC48-52


  • YES


  • 5-7 days can deliver if in stock 

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Part No.: 2713-0032TL
Bucket Teeth Type: Tiger Bucket Teeth
Compatible Brand: Doosan Excavator
Production Process: Forging
Delivery detail: 5-7 days can deliver if in stock

How to improve the service life of bucket teeth? Here are some suggestions from HXMD professional forging bucket teeth experts:

1. During the working process of the excavator, the teeth on both sides generally wear about 30% faster than the teeth in the middle of the bucket. When 

the teeth on both sides wear much shorter than the teeth in the middle, you can put the Bucket teeth can continue to be used in exchange positions, which can reduce the number of repairs and indirectly increase the service life of bucket teeth.

2. Choosing the right bucket teeth and matching bucket heel is an important factor to increase your excavator's working life and stronger penetration, because suitable parts are the prerequisites for faster excavator working cycle and saving raw materials.

3. In the actual operation of the excavator, it is best to dig vertically when the bucket teeth are digging down, so as to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.

4. Coating tungsten coating on bucket teeth and other accessories can reasonably and effectively reduce maintenance costs and reduce the efficiency of machinery and equipment.


Our Caterpillar Bucket Teeth are designed to deliver quality performance and durability. There is no doubt that these teeth are ideal for use in excavator buckets, ensuring efficient and effective operations during digging.

Our bucket teeth are made from high-grade materials that offer exceptional strength and durability.

Our Bucket Teeth are easy to install, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Whether you are involved in construction, mining, or any other excavation projects, these bucket teeth will withstand the toughest working conditions and deliver excellent results.

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Forged bucket teeth use a forging machine to apply pressure to a special metal blank, and extrusion molding at high temperatures refines the crystal material in the forging, causing it to undergo plastic deformation to obtain certain mechanical properties. After the metal is forged, its organizational structure can be improved. It can ensure that the forged bucket teeth have good mechanical properties, are more wear-resistant, and have a longer service life. Castings are produced by melting metal at high temperatures, adding auxiliary materials, injecting into the mold, and solidifying to obtain castings. This process produces castings. Parts are prone to pores and trachoma formation, and their mechanical properties, wear resistance, and service life are lower than those of forgings.

tiger teeth excavator

Benefits of using bucket teeth

Bucket wear protection, which protects the bucket edge from dust and stone impacts .


It can provide the operator with better edge sharpness and penetration to increase bucket loading capacity .


Excellent impact absorption when excavating rock beds or hard clay soils.

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