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alloy steel Excavator Durable Bucket Tooth Adapter

HXMD Forging bucket teeth provide better wear resistance,harder strength,enable customers to reduce downtime and maximize benefits

  • HXMD

  • 2713-1222-30


  • HRC48-52


  • YES

  • GREY

  • 5-7 days can deliver if in stock 

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Material: 30CrMnSi
Part No.: 2713-1222-30
Compatible Brand: Doosan
Production Process: Forging
Surface Hardness: HRC48-52
Color: Gray-black or Customized
Offer customized Service : Yes

Display of different types of forged bucket teeth and adapter

cat j250 teeth

Introducing our Teeth Adapter, a professional-grade attachment designed to enhance the performance and durability of your digging equipment. This innovative product seamlessly connects with your bucket teeth, creating a solid connection that is ultimately welded onto the digging bucket.

The Teeth Adapter is meticulously engineered to complement and work in tandem with your existing digging setup. Its robust construction ensures reliable and efficient operation, even in the most demanding working conditions.

With our Teeth Adapter, you can experience improved digging efficiency, enhanced digging precision, and increased overall productivity. Its seamless integration with your bucket teeth guarantees a secure and stable connection, minimizing the risk of detachment or breakage during operation.

1u3302 bucket teeth

The excavator bucket is mainly composed of: bucket protector, pin&bushing, chocky bar& wear button, heel shroud, blade, pin&retainer, excavator bucket, forged adapter, forged bucket teeth, forged side cutter.

aftermarket excavator bucket teeth

excavator teeth replacement

1u3202 cat


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