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Black High Precise Excavator Tooth Lock Pins PC400

Excavator bucket teeth pin are very important role in the teeth, it is used to protect the track link from wear and tear, Good Price + Good Quality =Gold Forging.
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Bucket tooth pins play a crucial role in securing bucket teeth. They are essential components that ensure the proper attachment of the bucket teeth to the bucket. The primary function of bucket tooth pins is to prevent the teeth from becoming loose or detached during heavy-duty operations.

By securely fastening the bucket teeth, these pins enhance the overall performance and safety of the equipment. They provide a stable connection between the tooth and the bucket, allowing for efficient digging, loading, and carrying of materials. Without the proper attachment provided by bucket tooth pins, the teeth may loosen or fall off, leading to reduced productivity and potential damage to the equipment.

Furthermore, bucket tooth pins contribute to increasing the service life of the bucket teeth. By securely holding the teeth in place, they minimize wear and tear, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This not only saves time and money but also ensures uninterrupted operation and increased productivity.

In summary, bucket tooth pins are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the bucket teeth. They play a vital role in ensuring a secure attachment, improving performance, and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Cat Pin&Retainer
Size Part Number Dimension(mm)
J200 8E6208/8E6209 11*62
J225 6Y3228/8E6259 14*69
J250 8E6258/8E6259 14*79
J300 9J2308/8E6259 14*92
J350 8E6358/8E6359 19*108
J400 7T3408/8E8409 22*124
J450/460 8E8469/8E0468 22*124
J550 6Y8558/8E5559 25*162
J600 6I6608/6T6608 30*195
J700 4T4708/4T4707 32*200

Komatsu Pin&Retainer
Size Part Number Dimension(mm)
PC60 20X-70-00100 16.8*71
PC100 203-70-74281 19.5*81
PC200 09244-02496 24.5*100
PC300 09244-02516 24.7*119
PC400 09244-03036 30*152
PC65 209-70-54240 36*176
PC1000 21N-72-14330 40*176
Doosan/Daewoo Pin&Retainer
Size Part Number Dimension(mm)
DH130 2705-9014/2705-9015 18*85
DH220 2705-1020/2114-9008 20*105
DH300 2705-9010/2114-1849 22*109
DH360 2705-1021/2114-1849 23*137
DH420 2114-1849/2114-1849 25*152
Volvo Pin&Retainer
Size Part Number Dimension(mm)
VOL210 2705-1020/2114-9008 20*105
VOL290 1171-01910/1451-0728 22*124
VOL360 1451-0728/1455-0968 29*145
VOL460 VOL460B 32*150

Excavator High Precise Tooth Lock Pins



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Excavator High Precise Tooth Lock Pins

Excavator High Precise Tooth Lock Pins

Excavator High Precise Tooth Lock Pins


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