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205-70-73270 Bucket Pin for Komatsu PC200

Gold Forging offer 80mm diameter 21 inch or customized bucket pin for all brands excavator,silver white color,size can be customized.

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205-70-73270 Bucket Pin For Komatsu PC200

Product Specification   

Product:  Excavator Bucket Pin/ Bucket Bushing 
Material: 45#, 40Cr
Color: Silver or Customized
Suitalbel Excavator(ton): 1ton to 60tons
Application:  Farms, Energy & Mining, Building Material Shops, Construction Works
Offer customized Service : Yes

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Bucket Pin Main Features:

Bucket pin mainly used for excavator bucket parts,the function of bucket pin is to improve the problem of excavator bucket and provide high performance for excavator works, so choose high quality excavator bucket pin is very necessary for your machinery.

Our pins has below advantage: 

· High abrasive and adhesive wear resistance
· High resistance
· Low surface roughness and friction
· Technical solution for the pin will depend on the bushing selection. Pin surface hardness usually needs to be higher than that of the bushing
· our pins are designed for specific operating conditions and are surface treated to provide superior performance compared to untreated or chrome / nickel / zinc plated pins

Bucket Pin and Bushing Dimension 

Bucket Pins
Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm
45*260 55*350 65*300 80*420
45*270 55*380 65*380 80*520
45*330 55*430 65*440 80*560
45*360 55*460 65*490 90*730
45*380 55*500 65*520 100*600
50*300 60*320 70*380 100*800
50*390 60*370 70*440 110*630
55*300 60*450 70*500 110*730
55*340 60*500 70*540 120*700
55*330 60*520 70*600 120*800
The sizes above are just for reference, we can't list all sizes here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.
Bucket Bushings
Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm Size (Diameter*Height) mm
55*70*50 90*100*100 110*135*100 40*50*45
60*75*60 90*110*90 110*135*120 40*50*60
65*80*80 100*115*70 120*135*110 45*55*50
70*80*80 100*115*100 120*140*100 45*60*50
70*90*90 100*116*90 120*140*120 50*60*60
71*86*60 100*130*100 125*140*90 50*65*50
75*90*90 100*130*120 30*50*30 50*65*60
 80*95*70  110*130*120  35*45*45  55*70*60
 80*100*85  110*135*100  30*50*40 55*70*70 
The sizes above are just for reference, we can't list all sizes here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Please feel free to send us your inquiry.

Excavator Bucket Spare Parts

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Compatible Brands   

Our Factory   

gold forging factory

Xiamen Gold Forging Industry Co,.Ltd as professional Forged Bucket Teeth Manufacturer, we not only produce excavator parts, but also offer complete set of bulldozer and excavator spare parts, including track chain, track Shoe, track roller, carrier roller, idler, sprocket, recoil spring, bucket tooth/adapter, blade etc. 

Our products are suitable for Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi,Daewoo,Volvo and other world famous construction machinery brands. Relying on the 14-year manufacturing experience of our engineers, our products have won the good reputation all over the world by our high quality and good services.

We are a professional Excavator and Bulldozer spare parts manufacturer, we offer customized services that could meet your various needs. Please contact us, our products and services will exceed your expectation.
In order to ensure excellent product quality and competitive advantage in price, we keeps innovating and improving the quality from raw materials to production, technology and management. Our products are the favorites to Chinese customer and sell all around the world.

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Gold Forging is leading & professional forged bucket teeth and excavator bucket manufacturer with over 9 years’ industry experiences.

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