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Thick Black Rock GP Bucket LiuGong933 Rock Bucket

As professional excavator parts manufacturer, better wear resistance,harder strength,improve the products sevice life is our goal.
  • HXMD

  • 933

  • LiuGong


  • HRC48-52

  • Laser Cutting,Welding,Grinding

  • YES

  • Steel

  • Gray-Black or Customized


Mini Bucket Used for light work environments with small excavators.
Trench Bucket Used for rivers, ponds and ditches environment.
Cleaning Bucket Applied to cleaning work in channels and ditches.
Skeleton Bucket Applied integrating sieving and excavation of relatively loose materials.
OEM or Customized manufacturing is available.

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The excavator bucket is a crucial component of an excavator and plays a significant role in various construction and excavation tasks.

The primary function of the excavator bucket is to dig and excavate materials such as soil, rocks, gravel, and debris. The bucket's design, shape, and teeth or cutting edges allow it to penetrate the ground and scoop up materials efficiently.

Excavator buckets are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of excavation and construction work. They are typically made of high-strength steel or other durable materials to resist wear, impact, and abrasion. The bucket's robust construction ensures its longevity and minimizes the need for frequent replacements.

Proper maintenance and regular inspection of the excavator bucket are essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. This includes checking for wear and tear, replacing worn-out teeth or cutting edges, and lubricating moving parts to prevent corrosion and ensure smooth operation.

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As professional forged excavator bucket teeth manufacturer, Gold Forging insist on Quality First, Customer First, continuously introduce new machines to improve production efficiency, improve customer satisfaction with our company.

We produce all kinds of ground engaging tools replacement parts for earthmoving, mining ,construction equipments, such as  Bucket tooth, tooth adapter...

Our factory located in Quanzhou city, near Xiamen port nearly 1 hour, and we have 3 complete production line in our factory, fast deliver time and large stock in our warehouse.

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