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OEM Excavator Track Link Guard SK350

Track Guards  are designed and proven to reduce wear on your tracks before you start having problems. They work by keeping your tracks securely in place and preventing them from twisting or dislodging.

  • Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi,Volvo, Doosan, Sany, XCMG etc.

  • China

  • HRC50-55

  • Welding

  • YES

  • 50Mn/40Mn2

  • Customized

  • Smooth

  • 7-10 days after established contract


                                                                         Track Guard                                                                                                   
Komatsu Caterpillar Hitachi Sumitomo Volvo Kobelco Daewoo Hyundai Kato Sany XCMG
PC60 E312 ZAX70 SH200 EC55 SK120 DH55 R220-5 HD820 SY55


PC100 E320 ZAX120 SH240 EC140 SK140 DH80 R225-7


PC200 E324 ZAX200 SH350 EC210 SK200 DH150 R305
PC300 E325 ZAX230 SH75 EC290 SH230 DH220 R335

PC400 E330/336 ZAX270
EC360 SK350 DH300 R455

E345 ZAX300





My machine has two track guards - should I fit more?

For our opinion: If your work is simple and you don't move around much or operate on slopes, the two standard Track Guards on your machine should be enough.

But if you work in tougher conditions and you move around more or operate on steeper slopes, we recommend adding one more Track Guard on each side for machines between 6 and 14 tons, and two more on each side for machines over 16 tons.

Excavator track guard

Track Chain Guard Production Process:

Step 1:  according to the size and shape of the chain guard, cut the steel plate or steel pipe into the required parts, such as connecting plate, supporting plate, arched frame plate, etc.

Step 2: the cut parts are bent or bent according to the design requirements, so that they have a certain radian or angle to adapt to the shape and movement of the track.

Step 3:  the bent parts are assembled and welded according to the design drawings to form the main structure of the chain guard, and holes are punched at corresponding positions to facilitate connection with the chassis frame or crawlers.

Step 4:  heat-treat the welded chain guard to improve its strength and toughness, and carry out surface treatment, such as painting or galvanizing, to improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

Repair Track Guard

Repair Track Guard


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