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Hitachi Excavator Track Adjuster Assembly

Gold Forgingcan offer excavator bulldozertrack adjuster cylinder, main function is absorbed shock, provide proper track tension, and protect track systems and idlers.

  • Gold Forging

  • Hyundai

  • China

  • HRC45-55,Depth: 8-12mm

  • Casting/ Forged

  • 25MnB,25CrMnB

Hitachi Excavator Track Adjuster Cylinder Asembly 

Track adjuster

Track Adjuster Cylinder assy Specification   

Brand Model No.
Komatsu - Excavator PC30, PC40, PC45, PC60, PC75, PC100, PC220, PC300, PC350, PC400
Komatsu - Bulldozer D20, D21, D30, D31, D37, D40, D63, D65, D80, D85, D135, D155
Caterpillar - Excavator E70B, E110, E120, E200B, E307, E311, E322, E325, E300B, E330
Caterpillar - Bulldozer D3C, D3D, D4, D4C, D4D, D4E, D6, D6C,D6D, D6H, D7E, D7G
Hitachi EX30, EX40, EX60, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX400,ZAX200, ZX330, ZX350, UH07, UH081
Daewoo DH55, DH200, DH220, DH280, DH300, DH320
Hyundai R55, R110, R130, R150, R200, R210
Kobelco SK60, SK100, SK120, SK200, SK220, SK300
Mitsubishi MS110, MS120, MS140, MS180
Kato HD140, HD250,HD400, HD550, HD700, HD850
Samsung H.l. MX8, MX292, SE350, SE200, SE210, SE280
Sumitomo SH70, SH100, SH120, SH160, SH200 SH280, SH300, SH340

Excavator and Bullzoder model list   

E70B  E110B  E120B  E307  E308  E311B  E180  E240

E200BE300  E320  E322  E330  E340  E345  E350 E450 CAT215  CAT225  CAT235D3B  D3C  

D4C  D4D  D4E  D5  D5H  D6C  D6D  D6H  D6R  D6T  D7G  D7H  D7R  D8N  D8R  D8T 

D8L  D9N  D9R D10N  D10T  D11N

  PC220  PC240  PC300  PC350  PC360  PC400  PC450  PC650  PC750  PC1000
D20  D21  D30 D31  D40  D41  D50  D53  D55  D60  D65  D85  D155  D275  D355  D375
EX30  EX40  EX45  EX50  EX75  EX100 EX120  EX200 EX220 EX285  EX300 EX330  EX400 EX450  EX550  EX650   EX700 EX750  EX1100  EX1200
ZX50  ZX75  ZX200  ZX230  ZX240  ZX270  ZX300  ZX330  ZX450

JS120  JS130  JS200  JS205  JS220  JS330  JS360LC   JS460

SK60  SK100  SK120  SK210  SK220  SK230  SK250  SK270
SK300  SK310  SK320  SK330  SK400  K904  K907  SK07  SK04N2  SK07N2  SK09N2
VOLVO EC140  EC210  EC240  EC290  EC360 EC380DL EC460
HYUNDAI R60  R130  R200  R210  R220  R290  R320  R330  R450
DAEWOO DH55  DH130  DH180  DH200  DH220  DH280  DH300
DOOSAN DX140  DX180  DX220  DX225  DX235  DX255  DX300  DX340  DX380  DX420  DX480  DX520
KATO HD250  HD400  HD450  HD700  HD770  HD820  HD1250
SH100  SH120  SH200  SH220  SH250  SH260  SH280  SH300  SH340  SH430  SH580  

LS1200  LS1600  LS2035  LS2050 LS2650  LS2800  LS3400  LS4300  LS5800

PR724  PR734  R901  R902  R934  R941  R942  R944  R945
R952  R954  R971  R974  R981  R982  R984
CASE CX120  CX130  CX210  CX240  CX330  CX360
All manufacturers names,symbols descriptions are used for reference purpose only,and it is not implied that and any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

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