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Cat D8N Track Roller Buttom Roller

We offer replacement track roller for crawler Caterpillar D8N dozer with high wear resistance.

  • Gold Forging

  • D8N

  • China

  • HRC52-58,Depth: 8-12mm

  • Casting/ Forged

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Caterpillar D8N Track Roller Buttom Rollers

Product Specification   

Product: Komatsu Caterpillar Excavator Bulldozer Track Roller Button Roller
Material: 40Mn2/50Mn/35MnB
Production process: Casting/Forging
Color: Black, Yellow or Customized 
Compatible Machine: 
Crawler Excavator/Bulldozer 
Offer customized Service :

track roller buttom roller

Main Feature   

  • Single flange, double flange track roller is suitable for range from 0.2T to 120T mini excavator , heavy excavator and buldozers
  • Using hot forging process, make roller shell obtians superior structure of internal material and fiber
  • Double conical sealing and lifelong lubrication designing enable the track roller to have a longer lifetime and perfect performance in any circumstances
  • Different quenching or feed-through quenching heat treatment is effective in crack resistance

Compatible Excavator Bulldozer Brands Models

E55,E307,E70B,E120B,E180,E200B,E180,E215,E225,E240,E312,E320, etc.

D20,D3C,D4,D4D,D5,D6D,D7,D7G,D8K, etc.
PC30,PC40,PC60-7,PC100,PC120-5,PC130-7,PC200-3,PC220-5,PC300-3, etc.

D30,D31,D40,D50,D60,D65,D80,D85,D155, etc.
EX30,EX60-1,EX100,EX120,EX150-1,EX200-1,EX220-1,EX270-1,EX355, etc.
Daewoo DH55,DH130,DH220,DH300, etc.
SK40,SK50-6,SK60,SK100,SK200,SK320,SK450, etc.
R55-7,R60-7,R80-7,R110-7,R200,R210-3,R250,R290, etc.
EC55,EC140,EC210,EC240,EC290B,EC460, etc.
VIO50,VIO17,VIO20,VIO30,VIO55,VIO80, etc.
PS: The models above are just for reference, we can't list all models here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Pls send your inquiry to us.

Bullzoder Undercarriage Parts   

bullzoder undercarriage parts

Compatible Brands

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