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Mini Excavator Bucket

Gold Forging hot selling buckets like standard bucket, heavy duty bucket, rock bucket and heavy rock bucket.
Applications include light and general construction, road and rail construction, and quarrying and mining.
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Type Material Applicaton
GD Bucket Q355B Mainly used for excavation and sand, gravel, soil and other light load operating enviroment.

HD Bucket Q355B Mainly used for digger hard soil, mixed with relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and other light load operation enviroment.
SD Bucket Q355B+NW460 Mainly used for mining hard gravel mixed with hard soil, sub-hard stone or flint, after blasting or loading and heavy-loading.

XD Bucket Q355B+NM460 Mainly used for very high abrasion conditions including high quartzite granite, broken slag, sandstone and ore.
/Hardox450 / Hardox500
Mini Bucket Q335B Used for light work environments with small excavators.
Trench Bucket Q355B Used for rivers, ponds and ditches environment.
Cleaning Bucket Q355B+NM460 Applied to cleaning work in channels and ditches.
Skeleton Bucket Q355B+NM460 Applied integrating sieving and excavation of relatively loose materials.
OEM or Customized manufacturing is available.

Excavators are powerful machines that are widely used in construction and mining industries for various tasks. These versatile machines are equipped with different attachments to perform specific functions, and one of the most crucial attachments is the excavator bucket. In this article, we will explore the functions of an excavator bucket and delve into its additional uses.

The bucket is one of the main parts of the working device of the excavator. During the excavation operation, because the working object of the bucket teeth is ore, rock or soil, etc., the working conditions are very harsh.

While carrying out the digging process, the teeth of the excavator bucket experience both sliding wear and a significant amount of impact force. This results in a considerable reduction in the lifespan of the bucket teeth. The deterioration of these teeth not only leads to wastage of materials and financial loss but also directly impacts the timely completion of production tasks.


How to Choose Suitable Excavator Bucket ? 



As professional forged excavator bucket teeth manufacturer, Gold Forging insist on Quality First, Customer First, continuously introduce new machines to improve production efficiency, improve customer satisfaction with our company.

We produce all kinds of ground engaging tools replacement parts for earthmoving, mining ,construction equipments, such as  Bucket tooth, tooth adapter...

Our factory located in Quanzhou city, near Xiamen port nearly 1 hour, and we have 3 complete production line in our factory, fast deliver time and large stock in our warehouse.


Our Bucket teeth are designed for improved performance and wear life and are the ideal choice for all operators looking for quality and value.

Current our factory has over different models bucket tooth to meet popular excavator brand in market, like Caterpillar J series, Komatsu PC series, Daewoo/Doosan, Volvo and other brands.

At the same time, we have also developed a matching bucket adapter and tooth pin and retainer, which can better match the customer’s machines.

In the future, we will continue to develop new forged bucket teeth to fit more different models. At the same time, we are also developing bucket teeth for mini excavators.

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Additional Uses of Excavator Buckets

Excavator buckets are indispensable tools in the construction industry. While their primary function is to dig and move soil, these versatile attachments have additional uses that make them even more valuable on the job site.

One of the most common additional uses of excavator buckets is for material handling. With their sturdy design and capacity to carry heavy loads, these buckets can easily transport various materials such as rocks, gravel, and sand. This eliminates the need for manual labor or the use of other equipment, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Excavator buckets can also be used for grading and leveling purposes. By adjusting the angle of the bucket, operators can smooth out uneven surfaces, create slopes, or even shape the terrain to meet specific requirements. This makes them ideal for landscaping projects or preparing a site for construction.

In addition, excavator buckets can be used for demolition work. With their powerful digging force, these buckets can easily break through concrete, asphalt, and other tough materials. This makes them an excellent choice for removing old structures or clearing out debris from a construction site.

Another lesser-known use of excavator buckets is in dredging operations. These buckets can be attached to long-reach excavators or amphibious excavators to remove sediment, debris, or vegetation from bodies of water. This is particularly useful in maintaining waterways, improving drainage systems, or creating new channels.

Excavator buckets can also be modified or equipped with specialized attachments to perform specific tasks. For example, rock buckets are designed with reinforced edges and teeth to handle rocky terrain, while ditching buckets have a wider opening to quickly move larger volumes of material. These customizations enhance the versatility of excavator buckets and enable them to tackle a wide range of projects.



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