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EC210 Excavator bucket linkage

  • Gold Forging

  • China

  • Welding

  • Gray-black or Customized

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Model Reference

Model Size(MM) Weight(KG) Model Size(MM) Weight(KG)
15 ZAX-230
PC-120/PC-100 12mm 22 EX-300 16mm 58
ZAX-350/ZAX-360 16mm*30mm 60
PC-200 14mm normal 33 EX-450 OEM,complete set 147
16mm 38 E-120 12mm 22
OEM 16*30 41 E-320/E-200B 14mm 33
OEM with thick bar 51 16mm 38
PC-300/PC-360 16mm*30mm 53 OEM 50
OEM enlarge 18*40 75 E-324 OEM over thickness 74
PC-400/PC-450 18mm*30mm/40mm 70 E-325 16mm*30mm 41
11 OEM over thickness 74
EX-120/EX-100 12mm 22 E-329 OEM over thickness 74
E-330C 16mm 76
EX200-1 14mm 35 OEM 88
EX-200/ZAX-200 14mm 33 E-330D 16mm 67
16mm 38 OEM 78
OEM 40 DH-55
OEM with thick bar 50 DH-150 12mm 22
DH-220 14mm 33 14mm*25mm
16mm 39






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