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High Strength Excavator Bucket Cutting Edges

Gold Forging offering extensive range of crack-resistant Cutting Edges and End Bits, high strength and good mechanical characteristics making it easy to weld and work with.

  • Gold Forging

  • Manganese steel, Boron steel

  • China

  • Heat Treatment

  • Yellow or Customized

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Replacement Cutting Edge For Loader Excavator 

Product Description   

Part Number: Dozer Loader Cutting Edge

Thickness: 13mm/16mm/19mm/25mm

Bolt Dia: 3/4 ; 5/8

Width: 152mm / 203mm

Material: Manganese steel, Boron steel

Color: Yellow or Customized

Process: Heat Treatment

Package: Based on customer requirement

Other Hot Selling Cutting Edge   

Part No. Description Weight(kg) Model Application
4T2322 Cutting Edge 632*330*40 6*1" 60.0 9U
4T2307 Cutting Edge 633*330*35 6*1" 53.1 9U
7T6591 Cutting Edge 983*280*25 6*7/8"
9W8656 Cutting Edge 779*280*35 5*7/8" 54.3 8U
9W1878 Cutting Edge 1229*254*19 8*3/4" 43.0 6SU
4T2994 Cutting Edge 1215*254*25 8*1"
56.5 8A
107-3475 Cutting Edge 922*254*45 6*7/8"
74.2 8U
107-3481 Cutting Edge 922*254*45 6*1"
73.9 8U/8A
144-70-11131 Cutting Edge 1660*203*19 11*3/4"
45.4 D58/D60/D65
14X-71-11310 Cutting Edge 1383*203*19 9*3/4"
40.0 D60A/D65A-8
175-70-26310 Cutting Edge 1064*254*25 7*7/8"
49.4 D135/D155
17A-71-11351 Cutting Edge 764*330*30 5*1"
55.0 D155
17M-71-21550 Cutting Edge 1088*330*30 7*1"
79.3 D275A-2
198-71-11181 Cutting Edge 1192*406*40 8*1-1/4"
143.0 D375/D455
198-71-31540 Cutting Edge 861*406*45 5*1-1/4"
111.6 D475
198-71-31550 Cutting Edge 1192*406*45 8*1-1/4"
158.8 D475
And other Cutting Edges 

Related Products   

Gold Forging offering various cutting edges and end bits, factory directly, service and quality conctrol.

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Gold Forging Advantage   

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Other Accessories   

As professional manufacturer for excavator parts, Gold Forging use forged process produce products, insist on offering best products to our client.

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Our Factory   

Gold Forging is professional excavator spare parts and bulldozer undercarriage manufacturer, until now we have over 14 years experiences for these field.

We not only produce standard excavator bucket parts, but also accept customized products. Contact us, we will exceed your expectation!

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Quality Conctrol   

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