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6y3228 Tooth Pin and 8e6259 Retainer For 6Y3222 Bucket Tooth

We offer whole set for J225 Cat Style BackhoeBucket Tooth Pinsand Retainers,forged bucket tooth 6Y3222also hot sale now!
  • Gold Forging

  • 6Y3228 8E6259

  • Caterpillar J225 Tooth Pin and Retainer

  • China

  • 45#, 40Cr

Cat Style Bucket Tooth Pin&Retainer 6Y3228 8E6259

Product:  Bucket Tooth Pin
Competible Part No.:  6Y3222 Bucket Teeth 
Material: 45#, 40Cr
Finish: Smooth
Surface treatment: High-frequency Quenching
Application:  Connect Bucket Tooth & Adapter
Offer customized Service : Yes

bucket teeth pin types

bucket tooth pin


We provide various fasteners, Excavator Bucket teeth Pins, Pins and retainers, Excavator bucket tooth lock pin…which can be suitable for CATERPILLAR, KOMATSU, HENSLY, LIEBHERR, ESCO, DAEWOO, DOOSAN, VOLVO, JCB, HYUNDAI, HITACHI, KOBELCO, CASE, and other brand excavators.

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bucket teeth and adapter

Bucket Teeth Pins Types display  

Teeth Pin

Model  Part No. PIN Retainer/Lock Tooth Size Part No.
J200 1U3201 8E6208 8E6209 V13-V17 V13-V17PN
J225 1U3222 6Y3228 8E6259 V19-V23 V19-V23PN
J250 1U3251 8E6258 8E6259 V29 V29PN
J300 1U3301 9J2308 8E6259 V33 V33PN
J350 1U3351 8E6358 8E6359 V39 V39PN
J400 7T3402 7T3408 8E8409 V43 V43PN
J460 9W8451 8E0468 8E8469 V51 V51PN
J550 1U3552 6Y8558 8E5559 V59 V59PN
J600 6I6602 6I6608 6I6609 V61 V61PN
J700 4T4702 4T4708 4T4707 V69 V69PN
PC60 201-70-24140 20X-70-00100 V71 V71PN
PC100 20X-70-14160 203-70-74281 V81 V81PN
PC200 205-70-19570 09244-02496 18S 18-20PN
PC300 207-70-14151 19244-02516 18LK
PC400 208-70-14270 09244-03036 22S 22PN
PC650 209-70-54210 209-70-54240 22LK
VOLVO210 14530544 2705-1020 2114-9008 25/30S 25-30S
VOLVO290 14540728 1171-01910 1454-0728 25-30LK
VOLVO360 14553243 1455-0967 1454-0968 35S 35PN
VOLVO460 14537843 V460 V460 35-40LK
DH130/DH150 2713-1221 2705-9014 2705-9015 40S 40PN
DH220 2713-1217 2705-1020 2114-9008 35-40LK
DH280/300 2713-1219 2705-9010 2114-1849 45S 45PN
DH360 2713-0032 2705-1021 2114-1849 45LK
DH420 2713-1236 2705-1034 2114-1931 50S 50PN
SK200 SK200 E161-3035 S411-180002 50LK
SK230 SK230 7T3408 8E8409 55S 55PN
SK350 SK350 7T3408 8E8409 55LK
R130 E161-3027 E161-3035 61E511150
R300 E262-3046 E262-5004 61E5-11150
R360 61E7-0101 61E7-0105 61EH-11150
PS: The models above are just for reference, we can't list all models here. We can supply more products as your requirements. Please feel to contact with us.

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excavator parts

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As professional forged excavator bucket teeth manufacturer, Gold Forging insist on Quality First, Customer First, continuously introduce new machines to improve production efficiency, improve customer satisfaction with our company. 

We are one-step supply chain for excavator parts, like bucket teeth, bucket teeth adapter, tooth pin and other accessories.

Our factory located in Quanzhou city which is famous in manufacturing of excavator parts and undercarriage parts in domestic, strong supply chain help client save cost and improve deliver time.

In the future, we will continue to enrich our product types and provide the best quality services and products to clinets.

Gold Forging welcome every customer to come for a visit and setting up win-win cooperation with our company.

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